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Application Process

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Application Process Empty Application Process

Post by Daydream on Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:48 am

This shall be a wise guide for those, who wish to join iMPACT. Read this carefully and if you are sure you understood the whole process, you may apply.


Phase 1: Questioning Phase
Once you submitted the application, wait for a response. The questioning phase is intended to know more about you and your personality and to see if you are dedicated towards iMPACT. The questioning Phase ends after 3 days.

Phase 2: Voting Phase
After all the questions have been answered, members will comment on your application, whether they like (+) or don't like (-) you to be in the clan. If at least 80% of the members vote yes on you, you will be accepted and the testing phase commences.

Phase 3: Testing Phase
You will receive a reply on your application, which will say that you need to get your tests done. That means 2 matches against each 2 Prestige or higher ranked members. The first match will be in a map of your and the second of the testers' choice. The matches go to 20 each. To pass the testing, you need at least 10 kills in each map.

After you completed and passed the tests, you will be directed to the Discord chat in order to give you the member role.

If you failed passing any of the phases, you will be denied and able to reapply after a cool down of 7 days.

ADDENDUM #1 by GZ55: Since the departure of Kneelfrox, the founder and leader of this clan, I have deemed it necessary to inform you that some people may not have to pass all the phases of their application. Notably, the Testing Phase is likely to be dropped for the next two to four applicants, considering how few testers there are. Of course, I could test you myself, but I already have to manage this website and the clan's Discord chat. It goes without saying that forming Prestige Members requires a large enough clan, and that would take some time. In some cases, the Voting Phase may not apply (or may not function the way it's presented above).

ADDENDUM #2 by GZ55: The topic titles for applications will have different colours depending on the outcome or the state of the app.
Green is for ACCEPTED applications.
Red is for DENIED applications.
Blue is for VOIDED applications (cancelled by the applicant before being accepted).
Pitch black is for applicants BANNED mid-application.
Yellow is for applications in which the Questioning Phase has either started or passed.

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