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Frozen GZ55 #1 [ACCEPTED]

Post by GZ55 on Thu Jun 29, 2017 7:35 pm

("The length of the title for this topic must be ranging between 10 and 255 characters")

1. PB2 Username: GZ55

2. Link to PB2 Profile: GZ55

2b. List alternate accounts with their links: Android GZ-55

3. Kill/Death Ratio: 1.35 (without rounding, it's 1.351754, so the KDr rank is Race Rescuer)

3b. Kills Count: 4 085 (3 022 deaths)

3c. Level Developer Rank: 0

3d. Player Points/Beginner's Progress %: 0.23 Player Points (with 1.4 Predicted Player Points on June 29, 2017)

4. Total Time Playing PB2: About five years. Explanation for the low amount of kills, PP, etc.: I had discovered PB2 on a separate site (ArcadePreHacks, if I'm not mistaken) and I started playing the campaign in 2012. Multiplayer wasn't available because only the official Plazma Burst 2 website can host it. I didn't try to visit the PB2 website because I didn't care at the time, I was too young. At a certain point, I forgot about the game and ended up taking a four year-long hiatus. Only recently did I rediscover PB2: in January 2017, I think, I started playing the campaign again. In March 2017, I played for the first time in Multiplayer mode as a guest. Finally, I registered in May 2017, which makes about four months of effective Multiplayer experience.

5. All alternate accounts with profile links: Already listed in question 2b.

6. Are you in any clans: No, because this application would otherwise be pointless.

6b. Past Clans and why you left them: I have never been in a clan in the past, frankly speaking.

7. Tell us something good about yourself: When I try, I am mature and can maintain an intelligent level of conversation. I consider myself to have a good judgment. Also, in real life, I am quite charismatic. People consider me to be laid back, even though when it's time for business, I pull myself together and concentrate.

8. Why do you want to join iMP: To help a new clan grow in size, but also to find a place to chill around and to make some friends/allies. (Don't take this the wrong way, I know this is a no-diplomacy/no-war clan.)

9. What can you offer to benefit iMP: I can proofread, recruit new members from time to time and also review the clan rules, application template, announcements, etc. whenever necessary. Obviously, the last part will be done in collaboration with the other members of the "council" in iMPACT. *MAYBE* graphical design of logos and the website when I have the chance. (Warning: I am not very good at HTML or vector art/Photoshop, but know the absolute basics.)

10. Who recruited you: Notorious, back when iMPACT used to be the original Chaotic Corruption.

11. What is your attitude (inside and outside of PB2): Inside PB2, my attitude is neutral. Sometimes I make sarcastic remarks but they're always good-spirited and people never get offended significantly. (Are you very hungry? 'Cause you eat a lot!) But usually, I just don't say anything, sometimes even congratulating others for skillful kills. I believe in sportsman-like behaviour. In other places on the Internet, I am mostly the same. In real life, however, I have a tendency to be arrogant, self-serving and marginally sadistic, in contrast to the personality traits I listed in question 7. It can be considered a "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" sort of thing. I occasionally punish myself for not being perfect. I even suspect every once in a while that I have some sort of personality disorder, but it certainly doesn't show on the Internet, so hopefully I am safe. And I am always brutally honest. (Yes, I am expecting many questions on these last few sentences.)

12. How do you play PB2 (skills, styles, etc.): I don't camp and I am rather aggressive. I favor gaining Predicted Player Points over raising my KDr. I use the X key very often in order to self-boost and catch others by surprise or to avoid shots in a way that people wouldn't expect. I think I am above average in the PB2 player base. Also, my favourite weapons are: Plasmagun CS-Bloom, Alien Shotgun and Lite Railgun v01 CS-HShot.

13. Did you read and understand the Forum Rules and promise not to break them: Yes, I do.

14. Extra comments/concerns: None. Thank you!

[EDITED: Most of part 6b has been deleted. Reason: potential libel against Ultimas, a former user of the iMPACT Discord chatroom.]

Last edited by Ultimas on Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:55 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : See end of post.)

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